Who is R&S Energy Solutions?

R&S Energy Solutions are based in Caerphilly South Wales and have been installing
renewable products since 2001.We were established in 1993 and our reputation has been
developed through hard work and a specialist knowledge in supplying heating solutions for
buildings. We have specialist advisors in Air Source/Ground Source Heat Pumps, Solar
PV, Battery Storage, Solar Thermal, EV Charging, Electric Boilers and Gas Boilers to
guide you through you project

6 reasons to pursue renewable energy solutions

Pursuing renewable energy ensures environmental sustainability, energy security, economic growth, cost savings, energy independence, and fosters technological innovation for a sustainable future.

Environmental Sustainability

Reduce emissions, combat climate change naturally.

Energy Security

Enhance security, reduce dependence on imports.

Economic Growth

Renewables fuel jobs, boost economic growth.

Energy Cost Savings

Cut costs, benefit from clean energy.

Energy Independence

Energy independence, local and sustainable sources.

Technological Innovation

Renewables drive innovation in energy technology.

Grants & Accreditations

Here you can find our grants and accreditations. We are granted by Ofgem and accredited by MCS and RECC.

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